Ketki Sane

MS Information Systems, 2020

Ketki Sane completed her masters in Information Systems in May 2020. She worked on the  Automated Legal Document Analytics (ALDA) project where her research focused on developing new approaches to automate cyber insurance policies.


Ketki successfully defended her Master’s thesis in May 2020.

MS Thesis title: A Semantic Approach for Automating Knowledge in Policies of Cyber Insurance Services

Committee: Dr. Karuna P Joshi (Chair), Dr. Zhiyuan Chen, Dr. Sisi Duan
With the rapid enhancements in technology and the adoption of web services, there has been a huge increase in the number of cyber threats. It has become a necessity to get a financial cover to mitigate the expenses in the security incident. Organizations are willing to get enough coverage which they can use to safeguard the third-party services they use. The cyber insurance policies include coverages and exclusions using legal jargon which can be difficult to understand. To parse these policy documents and to extract the legal key terms manually is a very time-consuming process. We have developed a framework that automatically extracts the coverage and exclusion of key terms and rules embedded in the policy. Our system also represents the extracted key terms in a form that the user can query upon. We built our framework using semantic web technologies and deontic logic. To validate our approach, we used industry standards proposed by the Federal Trade Commission document (FTC) and applied it against publicly available policies of seven insurance providers. We have built a web user interface platform where a user can find the best matching cyber insurance policy based on coverage criteria provided at runtime.