Graduation Pictures

Graduated in May 2023

Dr. Ronak Razavisousan, who successfully defended her thesis in Sep 2022, attended the commencement in May. She is currently a Sr. Data Scientist at Stonehenge. In Fall 2023, she will become an Assistant Professor at Coppin State University.

Graduated in May 2022

Dr. Lavanya Elluri successfully graduated from UMBC and joined Texas A&M – Central Texas University as an Assistant Professor.

Graduated in May 2020

Ketki Sane, Divya Ganapathy, Abhishek Mahindrakar, and Adithya Bandi successfully defended their MS Thesis in May 2020. Due to the COVID lockdown, there were only virtual graduation ceremonies.

Graduated in December 2019

Sharad Dixit successfully defended his MS Thesis and graduated in December 2019.

Graduated in the Summer of 2019

Priyanka Ranade, Arya Renjan, and Ankur Nagar successfully defended their MS Thesis in Summer 2019.

Priyanka Ranade, MS Information Systems, with her Thesis Committee
Ankur Nagar, MS Information Systems, with Profs. Chen and Joshi
Ankur defends his thesis