Latest News about the faculty and students associated with KnACC.

Spring 2024

Fall 2023

Spring 2023

Dr. Ronak Razavisousan, who successfully defended her thesis in Sep 2022, attended the commencement in May. She is currently a tenure track Assistant Professor at Coppin State University.

Fall 2022

  • James Clavin successfully defended his Ph.D. Proposal in December 2022.


Spring 2022

  • Dr. Lavanya Elluri successfully graduated from UMBC and joined Texas A&M – Central Texas University as an Assistant Professor.

  • Our paper, Semantically Rich Access Control in Cloud EHR Systems Based on MA-ABE, won the Best Paper award at the 8th IEEE International Conference on Big Data Security on Cloud /High Performance and Smart Computing /Intelligent Data and Security (IEEE BigDataSecurity/HPSC/IDS 2022).
  • Josh Bolton successfully cleared his Comprehensive Exam.

Fall 2021

Redwan Walid successfully defended his Ph.D. proposal,  Cloud-Based Encrypted EHR System with Semantically Rich Access Controlin December 2021.

Lavanya Elluri successfully defended her Ph.D. Thesis in November 2021.

Dae-young Kim successfully defended his Ph.D. proposal, Trusted Compliance Enforcement Framework for Large Volume and High Velocity Healthcare Data, in October 2021.

Josh Bolton joined the KnACC lab as a new Ph.D. student.

Spring 2021

Dr. Karuna Joshi was elevated to IEEE Senior member in April 2021.

Spring 2021 was a very good semester in publications. We successfully published papers at conferences like IEEE Services Congress – SCC and ICDH and IEEE Big Data Security on Cloud.

Fall 2020

Two new Ph.D. students, Dae-young Kim and James Clavin joined the KnACC lab.

Spring 2020

Spring 2020 was a very hectic semester for the KnACC lab with many students successfully defending their thesis. Ketki Sane, Divya Ganapathy, Abhishek Mahindrakar, and Adithya Bandi successfully defended their MS Thesis in April 2020. Due to the COVID lockdown, there were only virtual graduation ceremonies.

Ronak Razavisousan successfully defended her Ph.D. proposal in March 2020.

Fall 2019

Sharad Dixit successfully defended his MS Thesis

Lavanya successfully defended her Ph.D. Proposal