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Alumni Students

Pictures of Students who have graduated

The following students have graduated from KnACC.

Abhishek Mahindrakar, MS Info. Systems, 2020
Ketki Sane, MS Info. Systems, 2020
Divya N. Ganapathy, MS Computer Science, 2020
Adithya Bandi, MS Computer Science, 2020
Ankur Nagar, MS Information Systems, 2019
Sharad Dixit, MS Computer Science, Dec 2019
GE Research
Arya Renjan, MS Computer Engg, 2019
Priyanka Ranade, MS Info. Systems, 2019
Northrop Grumman
Maithilee Joshi, MS Computer Science, 2018
Srishty Saha, MS Computer Science, 2018
Agniva Banerjee, MS Comp. Sc., 2018, Leap Orbit
Raka Dalal, MS Computer Science, 2018
Jiayong Lin, BS Computer Science 2017
Michael Aebig, BS Computer Science 2017
Vaishali Narkhede, MS Computer Science 2016
Amit Hendre, MS Computer Science 2014