Delegated Access Control using Attribute-Based Encryption (ABE)

Project Duration: 2018-2022

This project focuses on the data security and privacy challenges of being able to provide delegated authorization and access permissions for Cloud services. We are currently working to define novel access control models, develop new encryption algorithms that use those models, implement software prototypes for a variety of cloud applications, and provide a well-defined set of access control policies. This research delves into three thrusts – theoretic advances, policy support, and prototype system building.


This project was sponsored by the Office of Naval Research.
This project was a joint collaboration between UMBC and USNA.

Project Members

Faculty from UMBC: Dr. Karuna P Joshi, Prof. Tim Finin

Faculty from USNA: Dr. Seung Geol Choi, Dr. Travis Mayberry, and Dr. Daniel S Roche

Students: Redwan Walid, Sharad Dixit, Maithilee Joshi