Sharad Dixit

MS Computer Science, 2019

Sharad Dixit worked on the Delegated Access Control using ABE project, looking at techniques for Cloud access control using Attribute-Based Encryption. His research interests lie in Cloud Security.

Sharad is currently working for GE Research.


Sharad successfully defended his MS thesis in November 2019.

Title: Semantically Rich and Encrypted Cloud EHR System with MA-ABE
Committee: Dr. Karuna P. Joshi (Chair), Dr. Tim Finin, Dr. Anupam Joshi, Dr. Seung Geol Choi (USNA)


With the rapid adoption of Cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, health providers are particularly concerned about managing data privacy on the cloud. Existing approaches have either a scalability bottleneck by requiring that patients approve each sharing of their medical data or a trust bottleneck by having a single authority control every access thereby creating the problem of a single point of attack. Hence there is a need for developing an EHR system that addresses both these bottlenecks for safe, secure and easy cloud-based EHR management. This thesis presents a novel framework that enables policy-based multi-authority access authorization to EHR systems accessed by multiple care providers from different locations or organizations. This framework, which resides on the Edge, has been built using the Multi-Authority Attribute Based Encryption (MA-ABE) and Semantic Web technologies to provide a secure, semantically rich approach to facilitate secure data sharing among organizations who manage different attributes of end-users using a shared dataset, transferring the service management overhead from either the patient or a central authority to multiple authorities.